Tax Relief Available for eWorking and Home Workers in Ireland

12th April 2021. Revenue accepts that employees will incur additional utility expenses in the performance of their duties while working from home. This is categorized as eWorking.

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Employees on Week 1 status in Ireland

10th May 2021. The week 1 basis is also known as 'non-cumulative basis’ or month 1 basis for monthly employees. You tax each pay day on its own, separate from previous weeks.

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cash flow

5 Simple Ways for Startups to Improve Cash Flow Management

27th Jul 2021. Cash is king in business and good cash flow management is essential for the success of your startup. Think of cash flow as blood flow and you’ll understand just how vital it is to the health of your business; without it, you’ll die.

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uk bridge view

Buying goods online for personal use from outside EU including the UK

05th March 2021. Buying goods from the UK or Non-EU countries for personal use you might have to pay: Customs Duty, Excise Duty Anti-Dumping Duty, Countervailing Duty, Value-Added Tax (VAT).

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